Fortify Telecom with Salesforce

Posted By : Vipasha Singh | April 22, 2020

Fortify Telecom with Salesforce

Telecom industry is a fast-growing and competitive sector. On one end, the user base of telecommunication services keeps expanding. On the other, new enterprises, disruptions, and dynamic customer demands and expectations make it necessary for telecom companies to constantly have their best foot forward. That’s possible only if they keep innovating, providing new and better services, marketing these services, and matching up with the latest technologies. Implementing the right business strategy and tools requires enterprises to understand consumer needs and expectations. The solution, thus, is to fortify telecom with Salesforce.

Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management software that tracks and analyzes customer interactions. From real-time visibility and easy access to data, leads, and campaign management, Salesforce equips enterprises with tools that boost growth and significant financial out-turns. Oodles provides custom ERP integration services including Salesforce ERP integration. We customize Salesforce to align with organizational needs as well as specific project requirements to furnish clients with seamless, cost-effective solutions.

Significance of CRM For Telecom

Customer Relationship Management is important for the telecommunications industry as it performs the following functions:

1.It automates sales operations like forecasting sales, managing partners and evaluating sales quotations across channels.

2.It improves campaign performance and management.

3.It augments customer service management with a quicker resolution of issues through chatbots and service recommendations as per customer behavior.

4.It is powered by analytical tools that analyze OSS (network inventory, service provisioning, network configuration, and fault management) in real-time.

5.It creates client profiles from social media interactions for potential and existing customers, aiding sales opportunities.


Features of Salesforce For Telecom

1.Account and Contact Management

2. Opportunity Management and Score

3. Lead Management

4. Sales Forecasting

5.Salesforce Mobile App

6.Dashboards and Real-Time Visibility

7.Drag-and-Drop Interface

8. Visual Workflow

9.Einstein Analytics

10.Web-to-Lead Capture

11.Campaign Management

12.Enterprise Territory Management

13.Chatter, Files, Topics, and Recommendations

14. Web Services API

15.Google Apps Integration

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Get a Competitive Edge With Salesforce

Here’s a list of advantages of using Salesforce in a telecommunication enterprise:

1.Managing large amounts of data

Salesforce consolidates customer information from multiple channels in an organized fashion. This data undergoes analytics to furnish insights that aid in better sales, marketing, and customer support. Salesforce thus keeps enterprises steps ahead in understanding and strategically catering to customer expectations.

2.Improving customer interaction

Owing to an expansive customer base, seamless customer interaction can be difficult for telecom firms. Salesforce, however, remembers all steps of customer interaction with the company to offer personalized customer service experience.

3.Automating follow-ups

Salesforce centralizes historical as well as real-time consumer data from multiple sources into one place and creates client profiles. It further uses this data to send automated reminders and recommendations to new and potential customers.

5.Predictive analytics

Salesforce makes use of analytical tools for data mining and forecasting trends to bridge the gap between customer expectations and available telecom services. It also provides mobile access to dashboards and reports.

6. Managing leads

Salesforce enables enterprises to track leads from click to close and optimize campaigns across channels. This results in increased productivity and closing deals faster.

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Closing Remarks

Salesforce CRM provides all-round access to organized and insightful customer data that enables telecom firms to bring forth services at the right time to the right customers. We, at Oodles, are a Salesforce CRM software development company that provides end to end integration services. Our services include Salesforce, Magento, Hubspot, and Zoho. Our developers use an AI enabling technological stack to provide quality development services. Connect with us to boost your customer relationship management with Salesforce.


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